Aboriginal Services

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At^lohsa Native Family Healing Services (Drop in Centre)                                           Aboriginal Housing Services, Ontario (OAHS) 

Shelter/Crisis line/Family support/Elders circle                                                             The aim of OAHS is to provide affordable and adequate housing services 

Community education,training,volunteer & Youth transition programs                   to urban and rural Aboriginal people in Ontario requiring assistance. 

109 - 343 Richmond St                                                                                                       (519) 786-3211  Toll free  1-800-492-1605

(519) 438-0068                                                                                                                     www.ontarioaboriginalhousing.ca



Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre                                                   N'Amerind Friendship Centre

Primary & diabetic health care/Traditional healing/Cultural programs                    Promotion of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual 

Social & seniors support services/Mental health programs                                        well being for Urban Native people

425 - 427 William St                                                                                                            260 Colborne St

(519) 672-4079  Toll free 1-877-672-4079                                                                       (519) 672-0131

www.soahac.on.ca/services                                                                                              www.namerind.on.ca 


Association Of Iroquois and Allied Indians                                                                     London Middlesex Counselling & Addiction Services 

(AIAI) is a non-profit organization which advocates for the                                         Coverage from Health Canada for Residential School Health Support

political interests of our member Nations in Ontario.                                                  and the Short Term Crisis Mental Health Program.

387 Princess Ave                                                                                                                  Counselling by skilled Professionals at your home, on line or in office 

(519) 434-2761                                                                                                                     (evening & after hours appts available)

www.aiai.on.ca                                                                                                                    211 - 186 King St



City of London - Aboriginal Housing Locations