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The 2021 'Daily in Transition Guide' is available for printing online

To download and print the Guide - click here: Guide 2021.pdf

Guide print and assembly instructions:

                   1. Print legal size paper 8 1/2" by 14" (Landscape orientation), print on both sides flip on short edge.
                         2. Cut each page vertically in half @ 7".  (using a cutting board).
                         3. Then cut both piles horizontally in half again @ 4 1/4".
                         4. Sort into 6 piles of page #'s 2,4,6,8,10,Map page, all facing up. (using left page #'s) (Recycle blank pile).
                         5. Put booklets together starting with page 2, then 4 on top of it, then 6, 8,10, with Map page on top.
                         6. Fold each booklet in half firmly creasing the edge.
                         7. Staple on the outside 1/2" from top & bottom and voila! You have created a great resource for those in need !!
                                                    If you do have questions email me (Mike) at dailyintransitionguide@gmail.com

                                                                            Artwork contributed by L.I.H.C. client Dec 2019
                                                                                           Pencil drawn by Francoise B.

                                                                    Guides are distributed at the following locations:

Ark Aid Street Mission          Carepoint Consumption & Treatment Service         Goodwill Employment Centre                 
               Library (Central location)           London InterCommunity Health Centre             London & Middlesex Housing              

               My Sister's Place (Women)                   Regional HIV/AIDS Centre                                        Unity Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                   Youth Action Centre (ages 16-30)                       Y.O.U. Employment Centre (16-30) 


                                                    Be sure to share with those who care . .

Created by M.G.R. Productions in connection with Ark Aid Street Mission

(Guide & website 100% volunteer made and distributed)

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